Monday, March 26, 2018

A Painful Pineapple

I got heavily questions when I arrived home with this green monstrosity. I heard a large sigh of relief from at least three other family members when they learned I was just rewring for a friend after a quick coat of spray paint. 

The first plan of attack when fixing a painful pineapple is to assemble your spray paint & a rewire kit. Most second hand lamps are in desperate need of rewiring. It's so much safer to just start with a new plug & socket. I snipped off the plug & took the whole thing apart. I'm in the process of waiting for spray paint to dry and then I'll probably work on reassembly & rewire. 

Of course nobody questioned me when I came home with some fun little pieces of dichroic glass and a clear Easter egg. They knew I'd have something crazy planned. At the moment the candle stick base is drying from a coat of white spray paint. 

I'm prepping for Easter! Easter break that is! I'll be off for Good Friday and I've got a hot date with making a pretty bracelet! 

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  1. hahahaha! So Funny... yup... if I brought that home (which is pretty cool btw) He would have a fit!!! Love it! And I already know what you did with the rest!


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