Monday, March 19, 2018

First Page in a New Album: using a Background Photo

Oh goodness, how exciting. I'm starting a new album. The last one started in January, so I'm on the right track of one album per year. I produce a lot of pages, so I'm trying to maximize the books! I also didn't go buy a bunch of beachy paper. I have some in my stash somewhere, but for now, I'm making use of background photos. Check this one out....

I was really excited when I saw that really cool van on the beach with those surf boards. The first photo I shot had a lady leaning up against the tree. The second was better, except those garbage cans....what garbage cans you say?

Yup, I covered them up. I did consider when taking the photo that I could move them...but I thought I'd look like a silly tourist!

I added some goodies from my erosion bundle and a few flowers. A pretty simple page in reality, with a nice background photo that is the star!

Happy Monday!


  1. Love this layout ...perfect for your 20th!!!

  2. This looks great, love the big background photo, love the combie too..

  3. Awesome! Great photo and I didn't even see the garbage cans until you mentioned... Fantastic layout!


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