Thursday, March 29, 2018

Breathe Layout

I really loved this temple we visited in Hawaii. So much so I added a second page with photos. It was such a quiet place with the rain falling interspersed with the gong that rang for luck every now and again.

The first layout was on my blog earlier this week. I even shot video of the koi fish and the black swan so you'll have to go check it out.

Really enjoyed working with this pretty paper. That orange strip of paper even looks like locus flowers!!!

I added a little paper flower and some matching thread. I've got all these little spools from a sewing kit and slowly but surely I'm using up all the thread! Makes matching pretty easy though!

Well, Happy Weekend! We're off tomorrow enjoying a long weekend! I've got a hot date to cook some lamb, which I've never done before!


  1. I had to breathe deeply when I saw you're cooking lamb. I remember when you and Nate went with us to an Indian resto and we suggested ordering lamb. After a short pause Nate said, "well, I've never eaten lamb....I guess there's always a first time". And eat it he did! Enjoy the hot date (cooking one way or the other or both)!

  2. Beautiful layout...that really looks like a place I'd enjoy being...


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