Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Rock Star Shaped Card for THE CUTTING CAFE

Hello! Hope you are having a ROCK STAR kinda day! I'm here to show you my latest creation! Over at THE CUTTING CAFE we're working with shaped cards. Regina asked all of us to send her a word that we'd like made into a card. Yeah....about that....I kinda forgot.

So, I made my own! She has this handy dandy little file that has ALL THE LETTERS IN IT. Seriously. It's called the A-Z Letter Set and I cut out two of each letter. I wanted two so I could layer them up.

Can you tell? I used pop dots under them to get them to stand out! Love the layering! I'll be sending this "card" off to the Father in Law soon. It's his birthday and I'll put some lotto tickets in a little pocket in the back.

In other news, I didn't freeze my buns off getting a photo of this card! It's very early spring here and the sun is starting to feel warm! Before I know it we'll have real flowers blooming, not just paper ones!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. That is cleverly creative.. and beautiful.. love blue..

  2. you are my ROCK STAR girl...you really are...love it

  3. It's really a Star Rock card, Mitra. So cute

  4. Boy! It has been way too long since I've been here!! I could swear I'd come to see this post, but nope! LOVE what you did with your word! Very cool!


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