Tuesday, April 24, 2018

A Spicy Spice Rack Rehab

As soon as I put some little molding on this spice rack that I rehabbed, I knew it was going to shape up nicely. Do you remember what it looked like before? It's pretty terrible...so be prepared!

It's pretty much only fit for the garbage looking like this!

I added a LOT of molding with a little air brad nailer. It's funny how that pretty much fixes everything! It was just so plain! Got to try out the new saw in the garage too! That bad boy could chop your fingers off if you aren't careful! I used up a can of spray paint I had too. I really love this color. It's adding splashes of turquoise through out my office.

I added a couple of little paints & mists on the shelves and it works perfectly! Check out those pink glass knobs! LOVE THEM!!! I'll be working on the perfect spot for it's location in my office soon. Art supplies always are outgrowing their space!

And while I was taking this photo...I got a little too much help!

THANKS Maya! It's not a treat rack!

Have a great Tuesday! I'll be back on Friday with a project that has a cool story behind it's creation!

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  1. This looks amazing, really so pretty with those colors...


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