Friday, April 27, 2018

# Dear Me: In Her Eyes Collaboration Piece

Had a nice little play this past weekend with some vintage pieces, modge podge, and a really cool light bulb! I'm participating in an artist collaboration where we're making a piece of art based on some journal pages. I really enjoyed reading the thoughts of a lady from the 1920's who seemed to have quite the active social calendar.

The one in particular that inspired this piece is this page. The part that I read that really got me was:

Jack ask me to marry him it blame near took my breath. Dear me what troubles + I'm too dumb to even realize whether I love him or not but let him wait until June for an answer. 

This journal from seems to contain quite a bit of drama! These days something like this would be splashed all over social media, hence the little yellow title up in the right hand corner which is # Dear Me. I went with some pretty little flowers as the writer seemed to have a lot of dances she was attending & other social events.

The reason I made an angel was because the person who wrote the journal would be well over 100! The flowers were from THE CUTTING CAFE and were something I made in preparation for this piece. Love how they turned out!

I'm really enjoying this piece! It's always nice to play along with a Tina Walker challenge! I'm always pleased at how my project evolves!

If you are interested in looking at other pages, click through below:

Hope your Friday is fantastic! 

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  1. WOW! Gorgeous! What awesome inspiration to work with too... very cool!


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