Monday, April 2, 2018

Remember Pearl Harbor Double Page Layout

Oh my, it was such an emotional day when we went to Pearl Harbor while visiting Hawaii. We got a passport ticket so got to also see the Battleship Missouri and the Bowfin Sub. It also included a trip to the Pacific Aviation Museum. The actual Pearl Harbor Monument was too sad for me to take photos of.

THE MAN got a photo of the turret of the USS Arizona and the swirling oil that slowly seeps from the ship below water. That photo is directly above my title which is a cutout photo of a pin that I blew up for a title. The oil is a very minor amount that seeps from the ship but creates rainbows across the water. Our day started very early as we were the first tour.

I enjoyed the Battleship Missouri quite a bit more. It was very interesting to see how one could live on a ship. The Missouri was just retired in 1992 but was the site of the surrender of Japan, which is what that big round metal piece says on the bottom right.

One of my favorite things to do on trip pages is to use memorabilia. I also like to take cool photos to use as titles. That gray & blue ship image on the bottom is from a garbage can. ;-)

Those poppy flowers really make me happy as does that plane washi tape. The double pager went together pretty easy by using those big photo collages.

Happy Monday!


  1. Beautiful double layout, wonderful tribute, love all the photos you put on your pages..

  2. Awesome layout! Love all of the pics and all of the other stuff you added... so cool you got a photo off of a garbage can!


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