Monday, June 4, 2018

A Very Flat Layout: the Log

I had a little play early Saturday am with this big photo from Hawaii and Kualoa Ranch. The photo of THE MAN and I were taken with the backdrop of their iconic hills and from the Gyrosphere platform from Jurassic World. This was a stop on our 4-wheeling tour. You can just see a little of the roof peeking into our photo.

We only saw one dinosaur on the whole tour. Don't let them fool you, it's nothing like the movies.  ;-)
Our tour guide had this cool little puppet....he was a trip to be honest. Made the tour extra fun.

We saw all kinds of movie sets. The "log scene" was also on our tour. Remember the first Jurassic Park movie? Yeah, I kinda did, so I googled it. That is the log we are hiding in front of...and the plastic dino is trying to eat us....tour guide dude didn't get it quite right. We should have been behind the log and at a different angle...

Due to using so many photos AND a stub from our rental car, I couldn't fit any bulk on my page like flowers. This is totally OK since my scrapbook will thank me! I've got one more page from our trip to finish was a visit to Skull Island movie set....I wonder if I should dig out some Halloween paper....

Happy Monday!


  1. This is really eye catching , great photo and love the colours. Love it Mitra

  2. So coool! I had a Jurassic Park dream Sunday night!! Weird. The highlight of my dream was when we found some cabins to rest in and I freaked out at the other people in the cabin because they were crazy enough to pop popcorn!!! I mean... of course Dinosaurs will smell the popcorn and find us!! Anyway, what a cool place to visit! Love the pics!


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