Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Family Posies Scrapbook Page with Sketchabilities

Dear me, I haven't played around with a sketch in like forever! Believe it or not, I was having a tidy in the office and thought, well if I use this paper it will be easier than putting it away....Anyone else have thoughts like that???

So I pulled out the sketch from Sketchabilities that I had saved to my desktop and had a little play. I pretty much stuck with the layout with the exception that the altered title got moved down to it's own area.

The premade title actually said Family Portraits and since the photo really wasn't that, I altered it to work! The flowers I used too I had cut out for a previous project with THE CUTTING CAFE and were extra. I was happy to see they worked well for a nice flatter type flower.

I really liked the layering on the sketch and it made me happy tucking all those bits on. Pro tip is to cut them in half so the little frame & banner you see is only one piece and the other is on the opposite side of the photo group!

The sketch called for two photos so I printed out two of the same one. I really only took one because she jumped down and the moment was lost. I like the double look though, kinda has a big impact! Check out those dark purple irises! Aren't they awesome! Kinda like the kid in the photo! ;-)

Have a great Tuesday!

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  1. This is gorgeous! And I do think that sketch had the title in the wrong place... you put it in the right place... it's perfect... beautiful girl, beautiful flowers, beautiful layout! Love!


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