Monday, June 25, 2018

Glitter Modge Podge Karma: Me on a Monday

I'll admit it. I spent most of Saturday either reading or watching the back of my eye lids. I have learned after 44 years on this planet that one doesn't ignore the signs of fatigue. If I thought I was tired, it was time to chill or else some nasty bug would take me down and then I'd be on the couch for sure. It was a very rewarding, moving, yet exhausting week over at Habitat.

See, back a couple of months ago THE BOSS said quite clearly that it would be a miracle if we could pull off a group of 35 kids on a three and a half day build. To me, it sounded like she was throwing down a challenge. Little did she know I had a couple of ACES up my sleeve. I invited my good friends from BOCES (Board of Cooperative Education Services) Kirk and Roger who have doctorates in kid wrangling. They teach Building Trades and manage to build an entire house with 20 kids over the school year. I actually had to call the principal and spring them outta work. The last week for them involves lots of paperwork and they were on board to work on the house they built for us vs. staying back at the shop with the computer. Thankfully the kids coming were from Pennsylvania, so they had already been out of school a week or two.

The kids came with their own set of wranglers, but it was nice to have Kirk and Roger as they knew the house inside & out. These kids completely insulated & framed out the basement of the house which involved two bedrooms, a bathroom, and storage room. They also built a huge 12 by 16 deck, and sided one side of the house. The younger ones demolished a deck at our rehab and cleared lots and lots of brush. They didn't work the whole week. Towards the end they had a visit to CMOG and then were off to Olive Garden for a fancy meal. I ran into four or five kids on Friday when I stopped to have a slice of pizza and heard that they were enjoying the hot glass shows.

It really made me happy to have them hanging in our little glass town. As I ate my slice, I gave them some advice for the hot glass shows. See, they usually give things away each show and although it appears random, Lexi tells me they pick the most animated people. I sent them back over with that advice. Later, I wished I had told them to look out for rocks. See, the peeps around these parts like to hide happy rocks. So, Sunday still having nice thoughts about last week, I made up a batch of galaxy rocks to hide. They weren't too complicated as most of it involved splattering. I then used up a little stash of bling adding some additional planets. I even had some bling that was red & star shaped! Super fun! I like to add a lot of modge podge in case they don't get found all that quickly and it's rainy. So these have a coat before paint, and two coats after paint. I even used glitter!

So, a huge thanks to the universe for such an awesome week! Happy Monday!


  1. These Galaxy rocks look fabulous !

  2. Such a great things. Habitat is a great organization, and getting kids involved can make such a big difference in their lives, and just maybe in our world. Hope...

    1. LOVE LOVE what you wrote there! I just worked today on a build with a 15 year old who is in her second summer hanging out with me. Was so happy to have her back and so were the old guys!

  3. It's like this job was made for you... and it just sat around waiting for you to show up.. pretty awesome! And those rocks... also awesome!


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