Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Live Laugh Love Decoration

This really cool wooden box was hanging around the office and came out to play when I got a can of spray paint out over the weekend. Might as well make good use of the sun & some good drying! Then later, I brought it into my office and got it all fancied up!

Can you tell I used clear vellum letters which let that pretty paper show through under it. Really pleased with how that worked out. Even better was spelling out LOVE in big letters with that little tiny Live & Laugh above it. Kinda sneaky!

The top has a little gold hanger so this piece can be hung. I'm intending to pass it along to a friend for her wedding anniversary! Hope she loves it!

Back tomorrow with my project for THE CUTTING CAFE! Had so much fun making another present!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. This looks amazing! you are so clever!!

  2. SO pretty! You know I love this color... what a beautiful anniversary gift!


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