Thursday, February 7, 2013

I'm Feeling Cobalt for Top Tip Tuesday

I have had this cobalt glass bottle in my stash since the summer with plans of sand blasting it. In fact, I have had the doorknobs nearly as long, with the theory they would make a nice stopper for this bottle. They are nice and feel almost stone like. Looking forward to using the second one in a creation!

Here is a close up of the door knob. THE MAN cut it back a little bit for me so it would fit nicely into the opening.

And how does this project apply to Top Tip Tuesday where they are asking you to use a hearts and romance in your creation? I have a heart dangled off the bottle! It was one I made ages and ages ago from clay and the glaze dripped nicely although I was hoping for a nice even blue coating!

And as far as romance, nothing is better than having THE MAN help you sand blast and cut metal. That is love right there. I am pretty sure he thinks my creations are a bit crazy most days!

And my tip:  Alcohol inks work great for staining bottles and metal! You should give it a try!

One last photo to give you a nice chill. My back yard today:

I blew all that snow off the board where I set the bottle and it flew in my face! I was like ohhhhhhhH! Since I was only wearing slippers and a sweatshirt, I was impressed with my snow bath!

Have a great Thursday! It's almost the weekend!


  1. My goodness all the snow!! It does look so pretty though! and the bottle.. how gorgeous it looks.. and how clever you are once again!!

  2. Er-ma-gersh...that bottle is soooo awesome! Reminds me of the groovy candles I used to burn in college that were white and dripped the colorful wax. Now, for the doorknob...are you kidding me??? How freakin' amazing!!! A doorknob in a bottle..who'd a thunk? YOU!! Your clay heart is just the best and I absolutely LOVE this project. It definitely is perfect for our challenge at TTT! I'm so happy you played along!!
    We're having torrential rains right now, wanna switch? I hear you're getting a BUNCH more snow soon...EEK!

  3. Whoa! It's still VERY cold, icy & snowladen....brrrr! LOVE LOVE LOVE your bottle...that's alcohol inks? I need to come over & get a tut on those things in person, methinks!!! And your danglies are dang cute:):) And that is a KNOB? You have an AWESOME Man around the house:):):)

  4. Love this bottle Mitra. SOOO inspiring. Got me thinking.....hmm.

  5. Such a striking piece, love that colour glad you didn't sand blast it although it probably would have looked just as effective once you waved your magic.

  6. Wow, love your bottle and the heart is awesome. Your photos are stunning Mitra. Thanks for sharing your talent with us at Top Tip Tuesday.

  7. Wow this is really stunning and photographed so beautifully!!

  8. This is absolutely fabolous. Love that blue bottle with that lovely heart and design. So beautiful. Thanks for playing at Top Tip Tuesday and good luck. Hope to see you back tuesday for a new challenge. Bettina xx


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