Friday, February 8, 2013

Wisdom or Lack There Of

So yesterday I got my last wisdom tooth out. They told me the last time I was at the dentist that I had a nice cavity forming between the wisdom tooth and last molar. Made sense to just get the blasted thing out.

Could have had it done when I was little and they took two out surgically and knocked me out. But no, I wait until I am 39 and can totally have a brain meltdown!

Anyhow, it went OK. THE MAN was there to make sure I went through with it which was a smart move on his part. They didn't want him to stay with me, but after they figured out what a big baby they had on their hands...they let him hang out in the corner!

He knew that it would just be easier to make sure I behaved. He also did not let me have the two glasses of wine I wanted prior to going. It made sense to me...

Anyhow, I want to share a video we watch at work after anyone has gone to the dentist. It cracks me up every time. I think they used gas on the poor boy! I wanted gas but got that look that said, are an adult...seriously? YOU WANT GAS?

Here is to a Happy Friday!


  1. I am glad it all went well..I Hate dentists... really I do.. so good girl for being good.. however I cant seem to see any link for the movie!!

  2. You poor least that's the LAST one, yeah??? And I hope you had a good scream like David did...& I hope you got those glasses of wine deserve it. Like Lizzy C, I HATE dentists...had 3 reminders I'm due for a check up. Personally I don't believe in checkups!!!!!

  3. LOL.."Will this be forever???" Love that video.
    Feeling better today?

  4. Oh I can't stand dentists - sadists! So sorry!!! Glad that all went well...


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