Thursday, February 21, 2013

Playing with a Canvas

Had a play this weekend with a small 6 by 6 canvas I had. I woke up thinking about texture and hot gluing a bunch of items on a frame, gessoing over them and then added some alcohol inks.

Not sure I even LIKE this canvas, but it was a lot of fun messing with!

I think it looks sea like. But then also really strange!

I stared with a bare canvas and modge podged on some tissue paper. Then started hot gluing items down on top of a chippy.

Painted the whole thing white with gesso and after it dried, started dripping alcohol inks on it.

It was an interesting lesson on texture and the paint blending together. I do think I could always repaint with gesso and start again...which may happen at some point.

But, I am glad I got my paint on!


  1. Don't you DARE redo it....I ADORE it...those colours are gorgeous & oh! What FUN look like you've been chanelling Finnabair...who I am actually going to a WORKSHOP with in March!!!!! You have no need for such do it already:):):)!!!!!!! More canvases, puleezze!!!!!

  2. Wow this is awesome, love all the texture.

  3. Well this looks like a lot of tun and great therapy.. love all the texture, would love to run my finger over it.. I reckon it would be more shimmery in real life too! Looks great!

  4. GORGEOUS!! LOVING all the colors and the textures!!!

  5. Oh this is rather Finnabairish!! Very avante garde & sure you can find the perfect spot for it in your home - well done!!


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