Friday, February 22, 2013

Too Much Stimulation

So, a few years ago I went to a tarot card reading at my friend Size 8 Maria's house. She is called Size 8 Maria due to a lucky shopping trip where she found a skirt in a size 8, it fit and she was overjoyed. She said she did not care what the real size was since it made her so happy.

Anyhow, this tarot card reader told a lot of things to a lot of women. Some of whom cried.

My cards read like this:  SLOW DOWN, RELAX, BREATH. Well, not word for word, but she basically said that. No deep dark epiphanies for me. No skeletons I needed to address. No tears.

Have I headed such advice? Of course not. I have a phone, a skype account, a lync account, two different e-mails, a home phone and THE MAN/children with similar stuff. I am constantly stimulated.

My brain whirls and spins. Occasionally I tell myself to BREATH.

Anyhow, I have joined the zillions of people now watching Downton Abbey to relax because well, it is interesting, amusing, and I love the dresses. I also secretly admire Cousin Violet. How you can you not?

So, I'm starting at the beginning of the series so don't you dare tell me who died recently and wreck it for me. I saw the scene with Cousin Violet using the telephone to pull a favor the other night, the one where she says:  Is this an instrument of communication or torture?

She said what I've always thought about my Droid!

Love this clip with the Top 10 Maggie Moments. Happy Friday!


  1. Sheesh, girl, I just got a phone with a CAMERA...& that's cos Mum was 'forced' to accept it with her phone plan but didn't want it's 'borrowed'....I couldn't cope with all your techno...I'd do my head in. So, have a nice weekend...whatever THAT is!!!!!!!!!!! Gotta LURRVE the Maggie:):):)

  2. I am watching Downton at the moment.. want me to tell you what is happening!!??

  3. Love everything about Downton, the music, costumes, stuffy starched characters, snobbery of the aristocracy, the lot. Hope you enjoy it. x

  4. My hubs loves the show. He watches all things of that era - and it seems to work wonders on him. He is a real gentleman :) I prefer to relax with a magazine so I can get my contact lenses out...


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