Friday, February 15, 2013

Wanting to Fly Page for Another Freaking Scrappy

I recall the moment as if it were yesterday. A bit out of breath from all that walking, an amazing feeling of getting somewhere and wishing I could be a bird; wanting to fly even higher to see all of Machu Pichu in Peru.

Had been saving this photo for something special and decided to use it on my latest layout for Another Freaking Scrappy using the following sketch.

Decided to create a nice thick boarder by cutting some crazy paper I had and just using the very edges for a boarder. It was some October Afternoon paper. 

Can you see just the edge of it there? Very bright and colorful. In fact, I am still working on what I might want to use the center of it for.

Yes, world's worst photo above, but I can't seem to find a memory card that works. I go through those like I do socks.

Also used a flower I did a tutorial for ages and ages ago on turning silk flowers a different color using alcohol inks.

Also opted to interpret the feathery wings on the side of the sketch as feathers! Guess it wasn't much of a stretch there! Picked these feathers up at a local store. They previously were plant my house you put feathers in a plant, it will become cat much better on a scrapbook page!

Snuck a small bit of the title in on the top in handwriting and then added some letters at the bottom. They were originally canvas, but I added some orange paint because, well the color rocks! Also outlined a stencil I used with dimensional paste with an orange marker after it dried.

And a nice sideways view so you can see how very rumpled this poor layout is. I shoveled a spot for it so it was nice and flat on the board for the photo but the paper itself is not flat by a long shot!

Happy Friday! Come play with us, it's so much fun!


  1. Excellent take on the sketch! Love that paper around the border - perfect for the page!

  2. Where does one start? Yup, fab border...faber texture paste outline...even faber flower & fabbest of all? Those feathers...yumbo:):):):)!!!!!! Shame paper has a need to wince & cringe at what we do to it. It should stand up straight & tall despite the punishment !!!!!!!!

  3. gorgeous photo, looks like the most amazing place. Fabulous layout and I agree with Lizzy paper should behave, not matter what we put it through !

  4. Marker edging around a dimensional paint flourish equals AWESOME!! That looks incredible and I love all your quirky and eclectic decorations here. The flower is BEAUTIFUL and that's a fantastic picture of YOU!
    I wish I could fly too, but if I had to choose a special power it would be to talk to animals. ;)
    p.s..laughed my butt off at your cat magnet comment. Feathers on LO's are probably MUCH safer.


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