Friday, April 26, 2013

Bird Resort Double Page Layout

Have really been in love lately with geometric shapes and when I find a sketch like that it makes me happy. Check this out, it's a  new challenge blog to me...Keeping the Best. Had to sneak this in as their deadline is approaching. 

Look a few liberties with the sketch and of course added a second page in keeping with the first. 

It's a great way to use up paper scraps! Here is my first page, not taken from the sketch, but made to look like a continuation. 

And, here is the second page taken from the sketch. 

Loving these blooms I made. Haven't made any in ages!

Here is another shot of them with Luke's house all cut out, a Lizzy Hill trick, at it's finest. 

Just a fun page to celebrate a cool project my son made with Grandpa Bruce. 

They spent quite a bit of time on this including drawing it up on scratch paper. It was a good experience. 

UNFORTUNATELY, they assumed I'd want to put it outside and let the birds hang out in it. Boy were they wrong. I am hoarding it to myself right now in my living room...See how pretty it is?

The birds can look at it through the windows....

Happy Friday!


  1. I had heard about this project, and ohhhh is it ever nice. Luke and Grandpa did a beautiful "bang up" job on it. As for the double layout page, it is yummy. Love color combo.

  2. gorgeous work!! looks fantastic. Thanks for stopping by my blog and yes I'm interested in the 5 you salvaged from a telephone pole~my hubby used to be a contractor for the phone Co. so it would be an extra special 5. You can find my email on the side bar. TY again!!:):)

  3. Awww so nice to see the generations working together on a project....& those ripped papers lined up look very clever!!! You are SOOOO rocking those geometrical lines:):):)

  4. haha suck eggs birds you aint getting a new house!! What a fabulous bird house.. and it does look good inside.. and I love your double layout, the continuation of the sketch looks wonderful.. love the paper strips.. well done.. love this one!!or should I say two!!

  5. WoNDERFUL! Great sketch and great DP!! BTW don't worry about the inks - didn't hear back from you so ordered yesterday as I found a good 'daily deal' that shipped internationally ;-D

  6. I adore how your page tells a story and how you worked in the sketch. Thank you for joining us at Keeping The Best.

  7. Love the earthy colours on this and the sketch fits it so perfectly. I can just see a row of birds peeking through the window with green eyes!!

  8. Mitra, your son is a very lucky kid. These are wonderful memories he will have with his Grandpa. The layout is great and the bird resort project is awesome.

  9. That is AWESOME!!! A condo resort birdhouse with a gorgeous view...fantastic job to your kiddo :)


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