Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Nate the Great Layout

My inspiration for this layout actually came from this month's ScrapFriends sketch, but is my own version.

I never thought to lay paper across the page like this and now I like it! Even better is cutting a hole in it and putting more paper behind it and a photo.

Are you curious as to what this page is about? I am sure you are!

Well, you see...Friday normally involves fish fry in my neck of the woods. And those are fish fry boxes from Price Chopper, the only place I know of local where you can get it.

Basically you call ahead and for the low low price of $5 you get a fried fish dinner with fries. The kids love it. I get mine steamed and pretend I am being healthy although I eat the fries anyway!

The lady on the phone wanted the name of who was picking them up. In a fit of amusement I told her Nate the Great. There was a pause and I said oh just try it. He will think it's funny. Of course, THE MAN does not like these kinds of nicknames.

The lady behind the counter was DYING when he arrived and yelled to the entire store:  NATE THE GREAT IS HERE and threw her hands wide.

He was mortified. Texted me bad things like wait til I get home you are dead. I wasn't afraid. Fish fry is best warm. No way he was going to ruin dinner!

Here is the side view of my page. I am loving this paper combination. It's my newest kit from Scraptastic called Eight Days A Week. I am ALSO loving those flairs. They are exclusive from Ormolu.

I am also LOVING the fact I am getting my stamps out again. Used two on here from Close to My Heart. The realistic coffee stain one and these fish! Some banners of course to use up some paper scraps. ;-)

So, that it is for me today on this fabulous HUMP DAY!


  1. Wonderful story. That place sounds like a traditional British fish and chip shop. Except ours come wrapped in paper rather than polystyrene boxes. In the old days the outer wrapper used to be newspaper but that got stopped for H&S!

  2. Mean MUm...FUN Mum...shame you weren't there in RL to witness the embarrassment, eh???!!!! LOVE how you took the sketch & made it your own...those layers, those FISH's just awesome fave:):):)

  3. Mitra you put a smile on my face with this story, how much fun would it have been to see his face.

  4. I picked this as being for the Scrapfriends sketch straight away it such a striking sketch, I love the colours you've added. fun story and great to document it. :)

  5. LOL!!! That is HILARIOUS!!! I loveeeeeeeeee your lo!

  6. Our fish and chips also come in polystyrene packages these days - and they just don't taste as good as when they were wrapped in newspaper. Environmental health experts say that the paper is not hygenic so now we have polystyrene or greaseproof paper and unprinted newspaper. and Yes Friday is fish and chips day for us too

  7. What a brilliant story! and I love that page too. I've been seeing those Scraptastic stamps around and I do like the look of them

  8. LOL, or as my kids say, LAWL. Loved the story and your page VERY much. I don't need to tell you though, paybacks are a real.... ;)

  9. LOL! Oh to be a customer in the store when something like that happens! Your page is awesome! I love all of the angles and the coffee stain stamp is great!

  10. Oh my that is so funny & this page is just brilliant!! I am crazy about Ormolu right now & those stamps are fantastic. Brilliant combo of all things gorgeous!!


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