Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Flip Flops Page for Miracles Momma Designs

So I went to Las Vegas on vacation over Easter Break with sneakers and a pile of socks FORGETTING that although it's nice to comfortable, it's also nice to get those toes out into the first bit of summer air. Had to buy flip flops. In true Vegas style, these are HIGH HEEL flippy flops. Missed that detail when I was buying them. Noticed instead they were black sparkly flip flops and matched my swim suit. Although I look taller which is lovely, I also amused myself by almost falling a couple of times and that was without alcohol. ;-)

On a side note, what do you guys call them in your country. I am pretty sure you have other names vs. flip flops.

It has been quite the season here in the States. For a bunch of us, Spring has not officially arrived weather wise although the calender might tell you otherwise. It was HEAVENLY to go to Vegas where temps were in the 80s vs. below freezing. Direct super cheap flight, I see more Vegas trips in our future.

Heather has her latest sketch up on her blog Miracles Momma Designs. It's sweet and easy.

I think Helen gave me this awesome chippy that I colored up. I also was inspired to use up this cardboard I had with leaf shapes and put a cool week sheet I got in a recent kit behind it. Love how it's peeking out. Sometimes things like that get me all twisted up because I want to use them but don't know how. Treated it like pattern paper!

And, for a side view.

And now for a touch of the truth. I was sitting outside one the casinos in the sun enjoying some people watching. For some reason I got stuck holding THE MAN'S phone and accidentally took a photo of my foot. I was going to delete it but then I thought, what a nice surprise for him. Every hubby should have a photo of his wife's foot on his phone.

Later, he sent me some photos off his phone and VOILA, my foot photo made me happy! Hence a page!

Hope this Tuesday is finding you happy and perhaps with some sun?


  1. Serendipity! a happy accident. We all love those. Such a cool page.

  2. Heehee! Gotta love THONGS with heels. Yeah, get your head around that!! Cos that's what we call them. Kiwi's called them jandals. Go figure....that's plain weird. I LOVE your LO...I took a pic of my pretty flower flatties at the train station [waiting for the train. Bored.] yesterday. IF I ever get my photos off said communication device.....my foot, too, might star. LOVE here LO's...keep looking ,but haven't got around to joining in. Yet!!! OH,,,& that circle arrow????YUMYUM:):):)!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. haha...Mitra! Its a work of art all the same :)

  4. How funny...I was wondering the other day when you were going to start posting feet photos...haha! (I gauge the changing of the seasons by these pictures you know). I remember back when I first met you, you posted about your pretty toes that showed through your open toed shoes..LOL. Knew you were uniquely wonderful way back then. Some great things never change.
    Awesome LO!!

  5. I love the fun splashes of color on your fabulous layout! Your flip flops look wonderful too!

  6. How funny! Love the foot photo & notice that a gorgeous, cellulite free leg accompanies it!! Beautiful work Mitra. Loving those elegant & slender banners you are cutting & marvellous detail on the chippie swirl I did indeed send you. Here we call them slops! (Flip flops!) & I wear them ALL THE TIME! If you want a spot of indulgent online shopping look up HOLSTER in Aus, bought a couple of pairs - they are the bomb.com!!


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