Friday, April 12, 2013

Finished Cabinet & a Happy Dance

This cabinet is literally RIGHT at the top of my stairs. I smile each time I walk by it. Makes me so happy.

From a piece of falling apart antique cabinet with no doors or legs to something usable. THAT is my kind of transformation.

It is not without it's flaws. The last coat of clear went on hard and drippy. We finally did win after some sanding.

I am sure my Mom would say the same about the doors.

When I called my Dad to tell him to check out the completed project photo I sent him he yelled HEY GRETCH GUESS WHAT THOSE DOORS WORKED.

They were really tight fitting in the glass. Makes you a bit nervous to be shoving stained glass into a door frame. THE MAN won however and it's just plain ole beautiful. Here is the back of the door with some light. Just so pretty.

Of course you want a peek in side, right?

As with anything, if you make your stuff easier to get to, you use more of your stuff! I have had my stamps "put away" in a box and usually avoid using them. Now I can get to them, it's a whole lot easier! Already had some out!

Lots of fun stuff to play with here.

Stamps, Inks, Ribbon, Modge Podge hidden away in a lunch pail and coffee filters.

YES coffee filters. They made rock star flowers and are great for holding little things when you dye them.

Thanks for awesome-sauce doors Mom and Dad and for inspiring me to paint up that old antique cabinet. This piece will grow old with me!

Happy Friday!


  1. I think it's beautiful, if you ever get tired of it, please recycle it to me!!!!!!!

  2. Oh, Mitra- -- you guys with your folks have CREATED a heritage's just GORGEOUS...& IKWYM with glass & wood fitting together. A few sharply held in takes of breath go on, for certain!!! I LOVE it. One day, I hope to visit & see it in place [just giving you 10 years advance warning LOL!]...And thanks for sharing the inside...I SOOOO Wanted to know what you'd put it....looking forward to lots more stamped projects from now on:):):) Bet your Mum is pleased as punch to see them doors in place. And well done The Man, too!!!

  3. FANTASTIC, It is just the most beautiful piece. Glad everything worked out fine. Certainly know how it must make you smile. Want to see it soon.

  4. What a gorgeous cabinet! lovely stained glass. So true about making supplies easier to get at.

  5. Well BRAVO to the entire family for a job well done on this cabinet!! What a truly incredible piece of furniture that is absolutely an heirloom if ever. Your mom did such an incredible job with the glass and this piece of furniture is genuinely a stunner now. Is it silly to say that I'm totally diggin' the ol' lunchbox too??
    You're one lucky lady Mitra...this is GORGEOUS!!

  6. Love, love, love it! I HAVE to do something with my plain white cabinet now don't I?

  7. Oh my this just turned out stunning and you know what all great things have flaws as far as I'm concerned. I just love how bold the red is in the glass. You should be smiling at yourself as you walk past it, awesome job Mitra!!!

  8. That's a great looking cabinet.

  9. That stained glass is so cool...what a wonderful transformation!
    Alison xx

  10. Well done.. this looks wonderful, the doors look amazing, and I am sure it will bring a smile to your face for a long long time to come.. love it.. your best transformation!!

  11. So gorgeous! Inside and out!! A job well done!!!


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