Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ollantaytambo: 1st Steps Page

There are appear to be endless amazing photos of Peru. It is so different than here and I love the old with the new.

Just made a quick page to show the view from the top of the archaeological site we visited. My last page about this site was called This Moment in Time and again had a lot of the orange and the blues in it. Here is a side view of it so you can see my letters and their dimension. LOVE that!

Really enjoyed using up some stash including an old blue gemstone bracelet I had. You can spy it down in the corner there.

One more page down....and how many more to times ahead!?

Happy Hump Day!


  1. It certainly is a spectacular picture Mitra and I think you've created a lovely page to display it, I really like the use of the diecut sheet as well, very effective.

  2. It is such a colorful interesting place and your layout is perfect for the photo!

  3. Oh my I just wrote a long comment that diappeared - shoot! Lovely page! That is a mouthful of a name!! I just love that die you've used and really must get myself one just the same - will hunt it down online...

  4. Another great page of Peru. Love the alpha cutout and the old bracelet.

  5. I'm back...kidlets & parents have feels weirdly empty...but guess I can cope without being BOUNCED on in my bed by 3 heffalumps every morning at 7am. [what are grandmas for, after all..even step ones!!!]....LOVE this 'aerial' view...& that leaf running down the page works so well:):) What else have I missed....


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