Saturday, July 12, 2014

Chocolates from France & Cherry Pie Roses

The other day Luke and I got back from lunch and found a yellow DHL Delivery sticker on our door. Was pretty sure I was not expecting anything so texted THE MAN and asked if he was. A little while later he said the package was from France.

Now, under normal circumstances, I would imagine it was my package as due to blogging I've gotten things from all over. However, having just moved, I was pretty sure that nothing was coming for me. THE MAN wondered if it wasn't so and so from work who just went to their plant in France. So, we filled out the little slip and put it back on the door.

The next day a huge silver box arrived nicely wrapped. Chocolate from France!

Not our chocolate though. ;-(

I googled the name on the box and decided that I'd call the other address listed since the first address for the individual was actually mine. And it wasn't the people we had JUST bought the house from either. Turns out she owned the house before Marsha & Felix, the super cool previous owners.

She was hot on the trail for her chocolate, so I invited her over.

I figured if she was anything like me, she had a sticky beak for what the house looked like now.

Now for the record, this whole shingles thing is quite the pain. By the afternoon I'm usually wiped and propping my eye balls open with tooth picks but how often do you get to meet previous owners and especially those who order chocolate from France.

Arlene and I had a nice stroll around the flowers at the house. She told me where her kitty is buried and about the bear & the bird feeders. She liked Marsha's flowers on the side of the house and said they were much nicer than the bushes there before. She approved of my new Cherry Pie roses. She was sad Marsha repapered the powder room bathroom but happy to see her tile on the "sun porch" was still there. In fact, I got the distinct impression that my little craft room was her favorite room in the house as she made a bee-line to see what I had going on in there!

I agree Arlene! That is the best room in the house!


  1. AWE THAT IS SWEET TO MEET PREVIOUS OWNERS.....and she's lucky your soooooooooo SWEET....hugs

  2. Ooooh! I'm soooo glad you followed up on the choccy exciting to meet the previous previous owner....I'm so sad those shingles are being so awful.....sooooo......I don't suppose she actually TRIED the chocolates...just wondering.....?????!!!!

  3. So I just googled the flowers and now they are on my list of must haves! LOOVE the way they look with the hastas in there :) Incredible story you shared and brought together by chocolates! :)


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