Monday, July 7, 2014

R is for Rebecca Flip Book: THE CUTTING CAFE

I KNEW this project would be cutting it close. Pun intended! A recent move, a craft room nearly settled, the birthday a week passed...

Regardless, I rallied! The best way back in the groove is to start and start I did! 

Ran a short little cable to my cutter since the long USB cable has yet to be located and fished behind the furniture and cut this happy little R file! Straight from Regina over at THE CUTTING CAFE and straight into my heart! LOVE IT! This R is from the A-Z Letter Set Templates and Cutting Files. You can make a card out of it or just leave it as a stand-alone letter. It cuts a larger sized letter to slide in behind the first which makes it super pretty!

Now I want to make a whole bunch of fun things out of letters!

The letter is on top of a canvas flip book that has been in my stash for ages from Maya Road & flipped to fit a bigger letter. I inked it up with rainbow colors to match my pretty niece's photo. 

My neice Rebecca has turned another year older and I hear she has gotten ANOTHER BABY BUNNY!

We are fond of bunnies ourselves, but the hopping in our grass, eat our clover variety. We have quite a few at this new house and we call them all Jeff since you cannot tell them apart. Now Miss Becca has a very good handle on hers and spoils them rotten. And does not call any of them Jeff....

I am sending her a gift card to PetSmart and this book in hopes she'll document what they are up to. Kinda like a brag book. Hopefully I'll get to see her & the book this summer now that things are finally settling down. 

One more peek at the book with more of my new lawn. Those are tiger lillies you see blooming there. This time of year in NY they line road sides and bloom. I had them across the road from my house growing up and in fact, they are still there! Also a split rail fence that defines the top of the hill. Yet again we are living on a hill, which was something we SWORE we'd never do again. It's funny how those things work...

Happy Monday!


  1. this came out totally fab....i am loving this idea rock

  2. This is totally awesome! I'm sure your niece will love it.

  3. NIIIIICE back drop for the photos! Be fun seeing it in Winter, too, actually.....gorgeous cover....& I see some glittery sparkle going on there......lovely! Glad to hear you're settling in:):)

  4. Super cute idea!! I love it and the fun festive colors!! Chauntelle

  5. I love this idea. It's like cardmaking and scrapbooking all-in-one! ! What an inspiration. ..thanks for sharing! I

  6. Brillant!! Love how you thik:) Thanks for stopping by my blog today:):)

  7. Lovely work! I love all the details

  8. Beautiful cover and such a sweet photo of your niece and her bunny! Our bunnies like to sneak into the garden and eat our veggies; I can't share what we call them! ;)


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