Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Cottage Style Layout: New House

So the other day I grabbed a handful of things I had nearby. The scrap room is still in a bit of a shambles (ok so quite a lot since I need to buy some organizing type things this weekend) and the mojo wasn't quite there...Thought a little scrapping was better than an all out effort to get things moving again. What better to use than things right at hand.

Used up some tags I had, some tags I had been given with a purchase, and a couple of pieces of scrap paper.

I wanted to scrap a photo of the new house and some dreams I have floating around my brain.

Now, keep in mind, I love decorating the inside of the house, but I do like a pretty garden more. Working in the dirt always makes me happy!

This new house (that isn't really the front, but the front is a bit of an awkward thing to take a photo of as is the back-more on all that later) has a LOT of landscaping and plants. That trellis you can see in the photo and the side garden are ASKING for roses though.

The brick with the white trim and black shutters is saying cottage style to me. Or maybe that is the groundhog named Harry, but regardless....I never need an excuse to buy roses! Have some pretty pink ones picked out I need to buy & plant this weekend!

Just a little side view. Found a nice patch of sunshine on my sidewalk to take a photo. Feels good to get back to scrappin!

Happy Hump Day Peeps!


  1. Soooo lovely to see your house - & it does look 'cottagey' & rose on the trellis sounds perfect! Great page.....the little shining gold bits make me happy ----as does that pink skeleton leaf!!!

  2. This is gorgeous!! I loveeeeeeee all the layers, the birds and the PHOTO!!!!!!!!

  3. What a fabulous page on your new house!!!! Love the birds etc. and the trellis will look stunning with the climbing roses, !!!!!

  4. Beautiful layout to show off your new home! I love the blinged up pink leaf!

  5. Sigh....I just get good vibes off this post. I'm glad you're in your new happy place :)


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