Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Stalking Jeff & a pain in the Hooha

No matter how well you prepare, how well you plan, and how well you project manage something, you will eventually be handed something you did not expect.

I was talking to my boss a week or so prior to moving and said, I just want it to be a normal move. He asked me what I meant. I told him the last time we moved my dog passed away shortly after moving, which really threw me for a spin. I said this time 'round I'd be happy for everyone making it here in good shape and settling in.

Little did I know MY BODY would be the one giving me fits.

So, the day the movers showed up, I started getting a really small rash on the back of my right leg. Sure it was prickly, but it was blazes hot outside and we had things to get moved and settled. Was right in the middle of things so wasn't too surprised the next day to feel a bit sideways.

The following night I woke up and considered driving myself to emergency. I swear that my leg was thinking about having a baby! Holy beaners it hurt! I was convinced I had really hurt myself. Perhaps pinched a nerve, thrown a disk in my back...I do have a great imagination.

Woke THE MAN up at 3:30 am begging for ideas to take the pain away. It was alternating between leg spasming, heal burning up, and hooha pain all on my right side. When it wasn't alternating, everything was just hurting all at once.

Being the son of a nurse, he lays claim to any possible medical knowledge for the house including anything involving blood or splinters. He suggested that a rash wasn't quite possibly the emergency I was suggesting it was and gave me something to make me sleep.

Finally got to the doc a couple of days later as I am stubborn and always convinced things will work out on their own.

SHINGLES! That is what she said I had. She said they were stress based. I tried to argue that Google said people over 65 get that and I'm clearly 40 but she was not having it. THE MAN asked why wait until now to get Shingles when we re roofed the last house two years ago. Lame!

Others are adjusting much better to the new place. Patti has been trying to make friends with the rabbits named Jeff. Today she watched one for 10 minutes "behind" a tree before shagging him. She appears eternally optimistic that he will not run. The rabbits on the other hand know they have superior running capabilities and are not bothered. They are little rabbit statues until she lunges and then they are gone like magic bunnies vanishing in the woods.

I am wishing their speed on my body getting over itself, but I suppose a little patience on my part is a good thing.


  1. Hi! Oh no not shingles! And this is the part where everyone tells you the horror stories about shingles! But no, all I will say is take really good care of yourself as this is a seriuos illness and it can take a while to get over. I have known people who have had it and it involves pain and feeling really bad. So please look after yourself...

  2. Shingles are NOT good......I'm with the Other Lizzy....seen lots of cases where they've gotten worse, not better....least they're not in your hair or face...those ones are REALLY nasty....but please, relax, stop stressing, take care...yeah, yeah...fat chance of all that......but please be kind to yourself:):) And are you SURE you're not 65????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean, GOOGLE is ALWAYS right;)

  3. get plenty of rest. I know you like to be running flat out all the time but this is affecting your nerve endings and you don't need that system messed up at your tender age. Do as you are told and rest!!

  4. SHINGLES!!!!!! Your body can't be doing that to you. Take care and get better quickly( as quickly as shingles will let you) Maybe you need to relax with Patti and watch the rabbits.

  5. I really feel for you, not nice is it! Let the Pratt family look after YOU for a change and hopefully you will bounce back soon. I'm with Shirley on the rabbit watching!!

  6. Ouch! I agree with everyone that this is definitely a time to take it easy and recuperate! I wish Patti luck with the Jeffs too!

  7. What the heck? That definition for hooha...." Ashly plays with her vagina daily." OMG! LOLOLOL....Good lord, do they use this website in schools?? If you makes you feel ANY better. My daughter's friend of 19 just got diagnosed with Shingles too. So see...one doesn't need to "ripe" to get them. As for Jeffs....what cute magical bunnies you have and those streetlights? Are they on your property...love that! I continue in form with the rest of your comments that you heal well and soon. So sorry that happened to you. Hugs!


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