Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Of Mice and THE MAN

I decided yesterday I was done with shingles. The doc said to expect they would last three weeks or longer and having reached the three week mark I decided I must be over them. I threw the pain meds out over the weekend. They were supposed to "change the way your brain reacts to pain" however my brain had not fallen for it. Oh those shingles are still lurking, but thinking about them differently helps. 

Thankfully THE MAN was on board with a post shingles party consisting of tearing the divider wall down in his garage. The garage for THE MAN does have the right flow so we are working on that now. We had dueling cordless screwdrivers going. And boy did it feel good. Right up until the point the mouse turds in the insulation rolled down your arm. 

Lucky for me I have a strong stomach. THE MAN however had a few tense moments where he felt a bit flip floppy in the stomach department. He took a minute to walk into the house for another glass of wine. Serious deconstruction always involves some wine. More so if you had a good mouse turd trauma. 

In the middle of the tearing down event, we heard the whine of a dirt bike on the pipeline right of way by the house. So we decided to investigate. Some yahoo was riding his dirt bike UP that hill. That picture does it no justice. It's freaking ginourmous and I don't think I could even walk up it due to it's steepness. Lets all hope he doesn't roll down it someday and show up a hot mess asking for help.

See, that is the major difference between the North Country House and this one. It's flat there compared to here. We promised ourselves when we moved back that we'd not live on a hill or own a paved driveway. Wait you need another photo to see how confused we are. 

 THAT is a switch back in our driveway. See, peeps install those when you live on a really steep hill so you don't have to climb straight up it. Oh and yes it's paved. 

I don't suppose you can really see the slope here....but you can see the garage we are working on. Very important to get that set up and soon. All the fun stuff happens there with the air sprayer and tools....He has promised the girl a special made bed and I have things I want to build! 

Happy Hump Day! 


  1. YEEEHAAAH! NOW I can 'imagine' it....gotta put a house into context with the area around it. So you're a bit isolated still? Wondering how close the nearest neighbour looks LOVELY...although not particularly warm! And HILLY!!! Funny how we don't always end up with exactly what we want:):)!!!

  2. I don't think I could live without paved! LOL!! Spoiled that I am :) Sorry to hear you are still in pain :( Can you email me your new addy please?? :)

  3. Hey, just think of all the workouts you can get in just walking up and down your driveway!!! Sounds like you are doing a bit better with your shingles, tearing down walls will help too.

  4. I used to live on a high hill overlooking the district, so I love living up high! Looks lovely and green, and don't envy the mouse turds though... Hope the shingles is gone for good!

  5. Oh, I LOVE where your home sits! It is so picturesque! Nothing like a little mouse poo to liven up a project!! Ah, the joys of living in the country!

  6. I'm so sorry the stress has got to you so bad! I have a permanent psoriasis patch too - not nice. Please look after yourself. Your new abode looks amazing & of course you have loads of plans for it! Take it easy though!!

  7. I understand you had to stand back to take pictures of the ironic confusion, but the distance to see your house made me feel a bit like a stalker! However, from my degenerate viewpoint..your house is freaking AWESOME!!!! The overcast and wet appearance makes me think you're in Seattle. Can't wait for the ultimate man cave reveal. So sorry about the shingles chica! I was really confused as to why you needed pain meds for your roof, but then it set in..."Dumb ass...she's talking about HER." Hope you feel better!


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