Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Random Act of Kindness Card for Jen

Yesterday was Random Act of Kindness Day...which I figured out at the VERY END OF THE DAY when it was way too late to do anything nice for anyone. And besides, I am always late with cards anyhow, right? 

So this card is heading out to a coworker's wife to cheer her up. She is likely having a rough one since her hubby is sick and so is her little girl AND it's her birthday! I'm here to tell her she can reschedule that birthday! I'm also yelling HELLOOOOOOO from over here as a fellow Mom saying these days do pass. When they are little it seems like every month there is some sickness or whatnot!

Regina the Queen of Awesome Cutting Files over at THE CUTTING CAFE came up with this lovely little dress form that I used.

It was super quick to cut out! Just added a little lace to the dress bottom and voila!

An very elegant centerpiece to my card! Love it! 

Here is hoping that next week is better, Jen! And that your rescheduled birthday is fabulous!


  1. this is will surely cheer her it my friend

  2. Really wonderful card. I know it will cheer her up.

  3. This looks lovely, such a kind thought too.. love the lace... very girly tag!

  4. What a lovely card & thought & idea. And the dress form looks gorgeous. It has hints of a Tim tag in there.....why not go all the way & join him???!!!!

  5. oh, nicely done! A gorgeous card and cut file, a random act of kindness and permission to reschedule the day o' birth..... it's the perfect trifecta!!

  6. Gorgeous card and sure to make her day a little happier!

  7. Too pretty and very RAKcy of you!!


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