Thursday, February 12, 2015

Ship Memories: Close to My Heart Crafternoon Layout

Recently I spent a lovely afternoon with Jean, Teri, Kristy and Julie. It was like old times and we were thick as thieves. Jean is now the Close to My Heart consultant (we have all taken turns) and had all these lovely page kits for us to pick from.

It's a welcome change from what I normally come up with. She had a lot of super cool die cuts like that awesome hexagon on the bottom of my page all made.

I had to add some flowers & a gold doily when I got home though! It still ended up pretty flat and less grungy than my normal look. ;-)

Makes me happy, that title! The pink one was cut by Jean and I just added the yellow sticker letters.

Hope you enjoyed my Crafternoon page! Huge thanks to Teri for having us!


  1. Love this layout, especially that honeycomb cutout. Cool.

  2. Soooo nice that you can scrap with your buddies that's what CTMH is!! I wondered cos I've had a few goodies from you and they are really LOVELY! Those hexagons look great...& I reckon that addy of the doily, & flower etc are icing to the cake!!!

  3. This looks fabulous.. I love the hexagon mesh and really love the flowers on the gold doiley too.. and lovely photo...

  4. Nice!! That hexagon die-cut caught my eye straight away! I know how practical flat scrapping is - saves time & space - but the creative in us (you & me) needs more!!! Bring on the doilies & blooms :-D


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