Friday, February 27, 2015

Sparkly Pale Pink Aura & the universal language of animals

The other day the door to the cricket container was open. The cat alerted me to the fact by sitting below Mad Eye Moody's cage and swishing his tail. He is brutal on bugs with his six toes and fat furry swatting paw. I have no idea how many crickets if any were a snack. Made me a smidge jumpy 'cause I wasn't sure if I would end up finding one loose later.

Mad Eye in the tradition of the rest of the animals around here speaks the universal language of animals. I found him talking to the dog the other day from the branch closest to the front in the terrarium. I'm convinced they speak to each other. I am also pretty sure they could tell me what color my aura is. 

I usually do not think about my aura. I have been lately because I want to do one last layout from the cruise and it was the encounter we had with the dude selling sunglasses in Key West. 

He was a vendor on the side of the street and caught our attention by asking if he could try something with Lexi's hair. Now, you may remember back to 14. Most days are bad hair days or at least you feel like everyone is checking out your hair, clothes, face and judging you. You feel a bit like you don't fit in your skin, not sure if you even like your skin, and your soul hurts a bit as it's trying to expand to fit you who is growing by the minute. 

Yes, by all means. Make Lexi feel beautiful and play with her hair. 

He was super cool. He had her pick out a double comb with sparkles and twisted her hair up off her neck. He was not only a street vendor but a hair wizard. 

He offered to try my hair. Yes, I felt like a princess. My hair was in a pony and using the combs it swept it up off my sweaty neck. I also felt free as no matter how you pull up your hair, you always feel it pulling. He then looked me square in the eye and said I had a beautiful aura. Ok, so he might have been blowing smoke up my ass, but then again, who am I to say he didn't actually see it?

So I said what any smart woman would say when a man was playing with her hair. Why thank you!

THE MAN was convinced that we needed these combs and away we went with our hair high and feeling beautiful. Regardless, it was a world class sell. OH and in my opinion, my aura is a sparkly light pink with yellow edges...I'm just guessing since the lizard isn't talking.

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  1. What a lovely story! I'd believe him too...& if that's your hair looks really neat:):) I rather like the sound of your aura colour, too!!! I've always wanted a blue one......


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