Thursday, February 5, 2015

Altered Bee Smoker & Thoughts of Spring

My thoughts are already turning towards spring and we're only two months into winter! I'm thinking of flowers and honey bees!

You might be wondering what this odd contraption is. Believe it or not, I recall my Dad using this smoker when I was a kid when he was moving the honey bee hives around. Recently he passed it to me for some altering vs. throwing it out.

I wanted to soften the rusty metal by adding flowers, a modge podged image, and a really cool metal bee & clock. 

I slightly bent the clock & bee piece to follow the curve of the smoker. It's not a real clock, but works for our current challenge over at LESSology!

I am so hoping you play along!


  1. love what you did. My son does bee's too and would love this. Awesome job!!!

  2. I have one too! It was used during one and only aborted effort to have bees in the California mountains. The bear was so very thankful for our efforts to amass a lot of honey for him/her. We gave up. Just this year, we found the rusted thing out in the woods (when was it thrown away?). So I thought it looked like a mouse, gave it a curly metal tail and eyes and whiskers (with white out of course). It is now a prize piece in my rusted things collection. Needless to say, your "interpretation" is ever so much prettier.

  3. Dude, I'm still in love with this metal awesomeness!! Absolutely LOVE the uniqueness and quirkiness and now that I know it, the PLACEMENT of this..LOL.

  4. This is GORGEOUS!! You really need an Etsy shop for all these amazing creations!!


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