Monday, February 9, 2015

Scrap Cards

I try to kill my entire Scraptastic Kit once a month. Sometimes I don't and I end up with a bag of scraps. The other day I set about to make some Valentine's Day cards that used up quite a bit of one bag. I was left with just a few to make a couple of more cards. Of course that piece of gold doily was top on the pile to make sure it was used!

Here is the second one! Embossed craft paper & some awesome rainbow ribbon!

Hope your Monday is awesome!


  1. You & your scrap kit. Sigh.... They look FAB... Yup. Gold doily. They ROCK! As does your Ribbon. And SNIOW photos.... I love this time of year. And I spy sunshine there too. Perfect combo I reckon:):)!!!!!!

  2. I should send you my box of scraps! You are so inventive to use up all the scraps! Love the cards love the gold doiley! Brilliant creating!

  3. Your cards look amazing! I wish I was so committed to using up my stash of leftovers...


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