Thursday, October 1, 2015

CAP: 1st Flight Layout for Another Freaking Scrappy

Anne over at Another Freaking Scrappy challenged us to make a page in AN HOUR. I would have been nervous but then I really am never positive how long something takes me. It's hard for me to commit an hour, but I can give all kinds of ten minutes here and there...So layouts for me are more like a soup simmering on the stove where you kinda add bits and bobs over the morning....

Anyhow, in THIS case, something woke me up at 6:30 am on a Sunday. That is way earlier that I normally wish to get up on a weekend, but then I thought it would be a good chance to give making a page in an hour a chance.

Well, mid way through putting the background papers down, the coffee pot dinged. That was after a small freak-out session where I couldn't find my adhesive. NEED COFFEE brain said.

Off I went. Glued some more stuff down...Then THE MAN showed up and wanted to talk about saws...

THAT was right before I sat down on my floor to sort though a huge pile of bits and bobs because I was planning on scrapping minus flowers. I was pretty sure I didn't have time to make my own flowers or even mists some leaves...

I did have time to cut out a couple sets of leaves and doodle green on the edges....Added some glitter & also traced my letters with a white marker...

I did also skip my normal grunge session where I add some paint and it's a bit more minimalistic than normal....but the girls from our Crafternoon would say it had quite enough! ;-)

Are you up for a challenge? Come play along with us! And please please please tell me there is someone besides me on this planet that cannot spend an entire hour in one session on page!!!

I am glad to say though that I did finally get this page done! It's been around a month since Luke took his first flight for Civil Air Patrol. CAP is an auxiliary of the Air Force and part of the training is learning how to fly. Since I've never flown a plane, I'm quite jealous!

Happy Thursday!


  1. So very proud for you. The handsome little boy has wings! You'll be empty nesters before you know it!

  2. Awesome LO! Wow, what an accomplishment! Great photos and I love how you've showcased them!

  3. That boy of yours is going places and growing apace FASSST. Faster than you scrap in a session, so it would seem. Sozzy - not on you with this one. I'm one of those get-stuck-at-it-and-won't-even-stop-for-a-toilet-break!!! In fact, I think I'm like that in life in general. I can sit and tutor for 5 hours straight, eating and drinking as we work through stuff 'til I FINALLY notice the tutoree [???] has physically wilted in the chair beside me into a brain-dead state!!!! So an hour on a LO. Pffft! Easy peasy ;) BTW....well done on a flowerless page AND I really like the embellies you've added - like the camera, flair and cork AND I really like the minimalistic-ish look:)

  4. Well I am with you! A long afternoon scrapping for hours is rare so I grab a few minutes here and there so I would have to put up a do not disturb sign on the door and a timer on my desk to spend an hour scrapping a layout! This looks wonderful, there is plenty of embellishments and great photos and memories.. Wonderful layout!


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