Monday, October 19, 2015

The Twelve Punch Cups of Christmas for the Funkie Junkie Challenge

I do believe this is my forth year participating in the 12 Tags of Christmas over at the Funkie Junkie. Oh goodness. I have I been blogging that long? Years past I have created snow flake icicles, decorated the top of Herb Ox containers, and once altered a sample box. This year I decided to upcycle punch cups!

Got the idea while strolling around the second hand store. They have a huge tub of punch cups there marked for .25 cents a piece. Which is good since two never made it to the photo and I must have twelve...guess I'll just have to suffer & take another trip...they are just hauling out their Christmas stuff and you never know what vintage goodies you might unearth...

I figured I'd decorate the inside of the cups yet keep some kind of theme going with keys, snowflakes, and a phrase. That way they are all very unique just like the lovely tags that Linda gives us for inspiration yet have something tying them all together.

Speaking of her tag...

She has given us this delight in gold & red to base our first "tag" on. I of course nabbed the word bright, the poinsetta, and a little bit of the gold for inspiration!

I also tied my own tag on the handle of the cup & attached a key. I have a little collection of rusty metal keys that I am really looking forward to using those on these cups!

Speaking of cups, I may or may not use them as is! This one was altered using vinegar, gold spray paint, and mirror paint to give it a vintage mercury glass look. They might look good frosted, or even plain!

You might be able to see the mercury glass look a smidge better in this view looking down on the cup!

Well, two more tags have been posted, so I had better get cracking! Glass pun intended!

Take a stroll through Linda's Shop, The Funkie Junkie! Her store is hosting the challenge and I can honestly say I am always inspired by the very unusual items! I especially like the metal pieces...after all my "tags" are completed, I plan a nice little shopping trip there and stock up with all kinds of goodies!

Happy Monday!


  1. Its cool..loved the mercury glass look ,never knew about mirror paint !! The cluster with rd poinsettias looks lovely !

  2. Really like This years idea! It's fun watching you interpret the tags... Love the Mercury glass look - works a treat!!!!

  3. Wow what an amazing idea of decorating the inside of cups... This first one looks wonderful.. I am going to enjoy seeing what you create with each of the cups...

  4. AT LONG LONG LAST....the BIG TEASE is finally over! Your freaking texts were driving me nuts, but I knew I'd be blown away and I am! CONGRATULATIONS to you on creating a most fabulous and unique 'tag' for this year's challenge. I know Linda will flip over these. said that to me before when my spray paint looked like you know what on glass. I WILL remember to use that in the future. These vintage cups are adorable and you totally captured the tag inspiration. I believe it goes without saying that the keys......WONDERFUL!!!! Just love this cup #1, my friend.

  5. Check out Duchamp s fur lined cup and saucer from the 1930s...he may be an early entry for the Funkie Junkie challenge...Google Duchamp and fur lined cup,..

  6. Absolutely stunning project! Just lovely!

  7. I love the Funkie Junkie too! Your cup is beautiful & I know you will create a fabulous collection!! I am intrigued with your paint mix. Please do give us more instruction!

  8. WELCOME BACK, MITRA!!! Great to have you playing along again this year. Your idea for upcycling the punch cups is absolutely brilliant! Your faux mercury glass is sensational and I love the sweet collection of holiday items, especially the fabric poinsettia and the eyelash yarn. You are off to an amazing start. Can't wait to see what's next!



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