Friday, October 23, 2015

CAP Layout & TGIF!

I had second thoughts about putting a pretty little owl & plane graphic with flowers on a Civil Air Patrol layout, but then I decided that I was making the page for me and that I like on they went! The glitter glue didn't require much thought after that...what is there not to like about glitter?

Luke had his first ranking ceremony for CAP and in fact, it was the first time he wore his dress uniform! He said he kept telling himself to not lock his knees...and he must have been nervous as he was sweating under his hat! However I thought he looked awesome and handsome!

I had been planning on printing that plane graphic on white paper and using it as background, but instead I printed and fussy cut it. It just about killed me...I probably could have figured out how to cut it on my Silly, but that seemed like cheating...anyhow that owl is super cute! It's from a digital download called Aviator Owls by Collective Creation!

And one last photo of some flowers and cool cutting leaves out of scrap paper and inking them up...add some glitter glue, they are delish!

Happy Friday!


  1. Well done to your son, he does look so grown up! fabulous layout.. love the plane.. and the flowers too!

  2. Hmmmmnnnn....I"m not sure Luke would be so happy with the flowers! I think you'll have to do a man-flying page!!! Absoulutely ADORE that plane. Sooo can relate with the fussy cutting....but it was really worth it = totally brill. NEXT time you need to give the boy a few stars!! Cos he is just that...a star. Love that photo. Or a couple of aces, to encourage him to be Top Gun Take 2!!!

  3. ...just had a another I DO see some stars there ;)!!!

  4. Very cool! WOW you deserve a prize for that fussy cutting!! Great photo too - now you need to explain what CAP means?!

  5. I am so proud of Luke's achievement, and he does look so smart in Blue- THE MAN must have enjoyed pinning on his growing son as well.


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