Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Grandma Skip Hand Painted Posy Plates

My Aunt Caryl who is slowly sorting through my Grandma Skip's things passed along these dishes to me the other day. The oval one and brightly colored one were picked up at the second hand store ages and ages ago, but the others were painted by my Great Grandma.

My aunt also passed along some photos of my Grandma Skip from when she was younger. Can you see her peeking at you in the mirror? I need to get them framed up. They will look lovely near the vintage hankie quilt which has been completed and just needs to be hung. (You'll see it soon!)

These plates are so delicate and pretty! Makes me happy with their little gold edges and pretty soft roses! Thought I'd share some vintage on a Wednesday!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. What a special gift.. I have a couple similar dishes (the oval one) that were my grandmothers.. they are in a cupboard right now. I have to find a cool way to fit them into our rustic western d├ęcor... I keep thinking if I can find the right display shelf... but I suppose I could alter something to be just right... hmmm.... a project for another day I think... and I LOVE old vintage photos. Even better when they are of someone you love...

  2. These are so beautiful and precious too :)

  3. wow yes these are beautiful and precious...she was a great painter...

  4. Really, really beautiful and such a nice 'memory' wall for your GGM....she was artistic, too, eh? That photo...YUP! Needs working in there's GORGEOUS:):)

  5. STUNNING & that mirror is WOW!!!! Beautiful job!!


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