Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Pumpkin Shaker Card Candle Stick for THE CUTTING CAFE

Oh dear Fall...you have left leaves allllll over outside! When we get a weekend where it's not also snowing, we'll put some effort forth to get them cleaned up! Can you see them sneaking in my photo??

I had to also bring in the pumpkins so they wouldn't freeze. That is what is so lovely about paper pumpkins! My little decoration here is fuss free and will be just as pretty next fall too! And what is there not to love about glitter & rolled roses!

Believe it or not, these two base pieces were hanging out at the second hand store in the glass section but were not together. One was a candle stick and the other was a glass pot. I glued the two together and spray painted them with gold, silver, and copper to get that mottled look. Then I built a card board top for the pot and hot glued on that greenery & my paper pumpkin. 

The paper pumpkin was so much fun to build! It's one of the shaker cards in the Halloween & Fall Shaker Card set over at THE CUTTING CAFE. As it is designed to be a card, it was easy to use the extra layers I cut to really bulk up the pumpkin. I also cut out a really cool pumpkin label that I got from THE GRAPHIC FAIRY to use under the clear shaker part. 

I actually own an original label that looks just like this one that I used on my shelf in my office because lots of these vintage labels are still floating around Westernville, which is where my Mom still goes to church and is near where I grew up. Cool, huh! However, you can also print your own! 

A huge thanks to Regina for this awesome cutting file that allowed me to create a cool decoration that I'll really enjoy this fall & beyond. Love projects like that! 

Happy Tuesday!


  1. okay i can't stand it anymore....when is your book coming out....love this my friend...

  2. It is a great file....did you say SNOW? Surely not. It's way too early - isn't it??? Love the whole project & the two different bits made an elegant whole :):)

  3. A pumpkin card candlestick...that's crazy! CRAZY AWESOME.... Loved that backstory about the pumpkin label and the familial link to it. Your projects just make me all duck dynasty. happy happy happy.

  4. LOVE that you added the pumpkin patterned paper IN A pumpkin!! hehe. :D

  5. Beautiful! Love how you always think outside the box!

  6. Gorgeous fall decoration..I love secondhand stores myself, such treasures to be found!

  7. Very beautiful! As is that wonderful shelf!! Which I don't recall seeing before...

  8. You are so clever Mitra, I love this and the shelf is divine. :)


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