Friday, July 8, 2016

Be A Rock Star Galaxy Hot Chocolate Container Trash to Treasure Blog Hop

Although I think it's odd that people send me their trash (I am looking at YOU Sistah in Law), I do usually dream up some kind of alteration. Nine times out of ten it involves feet and a knob...I do love my hardware! Add in a gold tassel....vintage rolled roses, and some gold paint, yum!

In this particular case I subcontracted the paint job. We wanted to make a galaxy bandana for the dog....and I ended up getting this epic fabric/glass paint that worked so well on the bandana, I wanted Lexi to paint everything like a galaxy....and yes, I knew you wanted to see the photo of Duncan so dug this photo out for you. You are welcome.

Yes, he's always that cute, but don't let those good looks fool you. He is a bed hog, menaces chipmunks, and likes to stick his nose under the bathroom door when you are in there in and inhale....clearly NOT Rock Star behavior. 

Anyhow, back to my container. I added a little glass heart dangle off the ribbon and rubbed on some gold paint. So pretty!

And if you are enjoying my hot chocolate container, I'd love it if you would hop around and check out the other artists participating in this hop!
Happy Friday!


  1. Really a ROCK start container ,loved how you have combined latest trends on it galaxy bg ,tassel ! If you keep on altering this beautifully more people will sent their trash to you ;)

  2. oh wow this is another rock star re cycle and it looks marvellous.. love the colors and love the top decorations too.. and Duncan you handsome dog you!!

  3. It's YOU who are the ROCKSTAR junking makeover girl! Incredible job.....but I have to say, Duncan wins in the cute stakes EVERY time :) And the sniffing under the bathroom door....well.... Waly INSISTS [scratches at the door] on GOING IN WITH TOM....honestly! Dogs must be the same all over the world!!!

  4. Love the gold and cobalt! And Duncan also gold and cobalt. That 1st photo breathtaking.

  5. So clever! I guess as long as they keep sending you some hardware too you can keep on upcycling

  6. So so awesome... definitely checking this whole hop out tonight... this container re-do is perfect!! and it does look like a galaxy... a galaxy of awesomeness!

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