Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Being Watched by OSHA & CODE

You know that feeling when you're being watched? Yeah...that one. We were today. We had the hairy eye balls right on us. They alternated the long staring with barking. Can you see the doggie in the window? There were actually two of them, but it was a bit odd being on the second story of the house and having the barking. I took to calling the bigger one OSHA and the little one the Code Enforcement Barker. And yes, since you are seeing that rot in the window frame I am sure you want to know whether we will be fixing that or not...and the answer is of course yes. The Previously Pink House is nearing completion so we'll be leaving our peeping doggies and moving on to the next project. I'll be a little sad as we've enjoyed doing the siding and the very sweet & sick homeowner who is always concerned that we have cold drinks and lunch!

Speaking of watching...this caught my eye first thing Tuesday morning at the ReStore and I wished immediately I had room to take this home and put in my castle. Believe it or not, two people were fighting over it today....and the second offered the first more money than it was be sold for! Still kinda wish it was mine in a holy batshit that is a huge fancy fugly mirror....

I'll be posing a layout tomorrow...finally got a few minutes to do some scrapping! Happy Hump Day!


  1. My goodness was that mirror heavy? it looks pretty amazing though.. how about a vacum cleaner instead..they have a few there..hehe..

  2. That first picture is fascinating. There is so much to see in it.

  3. Oh! That is really interesting! Doggies do love to check out what's going on, as you know! LOOOOVE that triple mirror. Funny! You guys should've had a 'auction' and sold it to the highest bidder!!!!

  4. So I was looking in the window reflection thinking I'd see the dogs there and all of a sudden there they the house! Lol. And that is one fugly mirror for sure but there is something about it in an Alice in wonderland kind of much did they pay for it? And where can I get ahold of them?! Pat would probably put me away... But ...


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