Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Love 2 Run Track Layout

dear me I do love that large format printer I have....especially when I take a silly picture with my phone and it turns out cool enough that I want to make it super big! Yes, that is my boy leaping over that hurdle as if it wasn't even there....(he says his form is bad, but this is his first year so we'll agree and then figure he'll learn how to do it better).

Do you know what happens when you print out a photo that big on white cardstock and then spritz it with clear mist? It shimmers and runs a little...and then you get some splotches that make you happy....add in a couple of gold sequins and it's a winner.

A pretty simple page and even flat, gasp! In fact I lifted that bottom team photo from Facebook.....but it tells the story of a first year of middle school track. He's been invited to run with the High Schoolers so must be they think he has some talent. I of course know he does...as he's been running since he was little...not sure on the jumping thing...that is up to them to get him trained up on that!

Happiest of Tuesdays to you!


  1. SIlly photo..it looks like one on sports page..action captured perfectly ! Never printed a photo on cardstock but I loved yours !

  2. Very cool. Love the impact of a large photo!

  3. Oh wow! That is awesome! I really do need that printer!! LOVE this! Our oldest used to run all the time... and he was fast... but alas we had no track in our small town so he played baseball. When he was little he used to literally run around the house. He'd get bored and he'd see how many times he could run around the outside of the house in a certain period of time...lol... sounds like a bad joke...lol... "when my son ran around the house... he ran AROUND the house.."... lol! Just such an awesome layout!

  4. That is super cool, love it


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