Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Simply Epic: Mary Feik Layout

This page illustrates one of those epic moments this spring where learning & training came together in an ah ha moment for my youngest. You can't plan these moments but simply let them happen and then be happy later that planets aligned.;-)

Luke had recently ranked up in Civil Air Patrol. That particular rank is called the Mary Feik, a woman pioeneer in aviation. So when we ran across her portrait at the Kitty Hawk musuem, it was instant recognition for Luke. So cool.  My son has also pointed out that I need to learn how to spell..I'll be fixing her name asap!

Loved mixing those fonts with the title! Also, totally dig that plane washi tape.....I think Mary would have liked the rose paper I used too! It's so pretty!

Hope your Wednesday is also EPIC! I'm off to work on my first volunteer house painting job for work! I'm a bit nervous so maybe throw me some good vibes!


  1. You are really cranking out the beautiful layouts!! I always loved these moments.. you couldn't plan them if you wanted to... love your mix of fonts... very cool. and yes.. that rose paper... mmmm

  2. This is a fabulous page. I really DO admire how you use pinks, flowers and gold on your boy pages.... & it works. Course, there is a woman on this one, too, I guess!! LOVE it. Love that he can be inspired by a woman like that. That's COOL..... & YES! We had autograph books as kids. Still remember some of the stupid rhymes.... do you remember this one: Mitra was on the tennis court, the sky was blue above...... soso was on the other end and so the score was love.' Or 2y's u r 2ys u b i c u r 2 y's for me! hook or by crook I"ll be last in this book...... LOL!!!

  3. Scrapbooking is at its sweetest when it captures an aha moment, just like this


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