Saturday, October 1, 2016

Dreams of Prosperity Layout for Another Freaking Scrappy

For those of you not from here, the city of Detroit in Michigan has been the poster child for urban decay for years. Most of the time you hear poor Detroit when anyone talks about that city. It's not only a city in decline, but a city that is being reborn.

Earlier this summer when I was away to a conference in Detroit, I was taken on a tour. The one place they took us was this neighborhood that was in the process of being rebuilt. It reminded me of a fairy tale village with the brick. The whole week away has stuck with me since. Sometimes it's long painful work working on rehabbing a house, much less a city. I think you'd have to be a dreamer to imagine the end result of years of work.

It wasn't ever a dream of mine to actually work in the constuction field, to be honest. But these days when I wake up in the middle of the night, more often than not I find myself drifting back off to sleep imagining the end result of the house I'm working on, what the next house will be like, or a park that I want to build.

In all honesty, I made this page around 1 am because I couldn't sleep so it's somewhat fitting it's about dreams. Our challenge this time 'round over at Another Freaking Scrappy is to create a page or art journal page about:

October's theme is dream - where you dream of going, what you dream of becoming, a daydream, an old dream, or about literal dreams - nightmares, unusual ones, a photo of a child or adult sleeping.

Just a close up of my journaling. I used a little piece of scrap paper I usually write my to-do lists on that was handy. Love that USA chippy that was sent to me by Lizzy Hill. She also sent those fancy smancy super yummy butterflies!

One more look at my page! I'm off today to work part of the morning on our Habitat House at Bridge Street. Can't wait to hang with the boys! And then this afternoon I'm hanging with our special guest. Martina from Italy is staying with us this week and I can't wait to tell you all about it on Monday!



  1. You Big photo, big subject for a page, it's a great combination.are totally rocking the big photos!

  2. That made no sense. I'm having keyboard issues and two sentences combined when I wasn't looking. Sorry.

    You are totally rocking big photos! Big photo, big subject for a page, it'a a perfect combination

  3. Love love this!! Such a beautiful neighborhood... and this layout does feel dreamy...

  4. OOOH! You got it! Glad it arrived :) The butterflies look cute there & I'm GLAD the sticker came in handy. I think it's a brilliant 'dream' page....actually, I wouldn't mind living in that there house. It's rather NICE! And the peacock bottom L? That REALLY caught my eye! Hope your Italian girl is going well. I hope she speaks English. My Italian is limitied to 'Buonno' 'Grazia' 'BuonGiorno' & 'Belissimo'!!! OH! And 'preggo', of course. Oh, and 'Aqua Frizzante' and 'Forgmaggio'!!!

  5. Yes, a nice layout and thoughts. Only one quibble: I think you could have said "re-built" in a day because Rome was sacked and destroyed before it was rebuilt!


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