Monday, November 14, 2016

Getting Your Card On for Memorandum Monday

Last Wednesday Build Day was not all that wonderful. Since starting this new job where there aren't usually hugely bad days, that in itself was remarkable. I chalked it up to some of the old dudes staying up too late watching the election. Interestingly enough, really no one talked politics. There was an argument over how to attach the molding to the kitchen island. Heated discussions over using adhesive vs. an air nailer aren't all that common either and I got a glare when I suggested "why not both" like the taco commercial.

Thursday afternoon I went to the hairdresser where I usually am entertained by funny stories about Kristen's boy who gets up to all kinds of mischief on a daily basis. This time 'round I asked her about Trump's hair. Not to be hair-ist but I am extremely concerned about having a president with bad hair in this day and age of make up artists and hairdressers. She maintained it was a piece but the lady next to her said it was colored and real. They both agreed it was a style from the 80's. Here's to hoping that someone soon talks him into a nice trim and perhaps a color more fitting a 70 year old. Malania I am looking at you...

And that is all I am going to say about our new president. You can roll around Facebook for more since it's chuck full at the moment of dire predictions, memes, and people fighting. Enough so it's been a struggle this week to push past those posts to find the cool cards, happy scrapbook pages, and awesome projects. So just a quick shout out to keep those coming. We need happy over here in the States since right now we're all kinds of icky, cranky, and our underwear are most obviously in a bunch.

The card party I went to at Teri's on Saturday was just what the doctor ordered. We dry & heat embossed, glittered, glued, and put together Christmas cards left and right. Some of the girls there hadn't ever tried embossing so it was awesome to share that with them. Doesn't it always seem like magic when the dry embossing powder gets all pretty all at once with the heat gun?

I was a smidge nervous as I made my cards. I had just gotten word that Luke who just joined Junior Soaring was going to be flying for the first time in a glider. Paired up with Lexi learning how to drive in my car, I was thankful for the glass of wine that Teri offered. So, forgive me if a card or two are just a little crooked!

In all, I nearly made all the cards that I usually send, so a pretty productive crafternoon! If you are interested in trying a card party in your neck of the world, we just set up stations and each person had to bring enough card kits for everyone to make two cards & the accompanying envelopes. Here's the cards I brought.

Hoping this week is happier than the last, but it's already starting out that way so I'm thinking it will!

Join me in a happy wave over to Sian who hosts us weekly for Memorandum Monday!


  1. A card party sounds like a really great idea! No doubt we could all do with a little more thinking about nice things.

    Whole heartedly wishing you a week better than the last one. Trump's hair? I think it's one of those ill in sprays off QVC

  2. Love the cards. Need to get mine started.

  3. What a GREAT bunch of eclectic and funtabulous Chrissy cards you got made! And yes, heat embossing is just so much like magic:) Hope this week at work has settled down - mind you, you can't have TOO much of a perfect job ALL the time. Presume Luke made it home.... ;)

  4. What an awesome idea!! Great way to get a bunch of cards made! And all so pretty! And I don't see anything crooked. Although sometimes I think maybe my head is crooked because I have to straighten every single picture I take so.... idk... but I do know I love wine and crafting together!


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