Monday, November 28, 2016

Ryobi Rocks & a Quarter a Call for Memorandum Monday

Just spent a couple of days in the frozen tundra part of New York. Tug Hill, home of the Amish, lots of farmers, and my 'rents. Mom cooked us up a delicious Turkey Day meal, we hung out with Dad Pratt, and went and visited Aunt Marilyn. She lives next door to where THE MAN grew up so it was interesting to see how the neighborhood had changed. They painted the pool house yellow (the nerve) and the Amish have bought up lots of farms, including Jonny's across the street.

After watching a little Amish girl walk down her driveway, Marilyn mentioned that she had installed a phone in the milk house for them to use. A quarter for a local call and fifty cents for long distance. See, the Amish are pretty old school and drive buggies around. They certainly don't carry cell phones! As far as tools go, they have specific rules around ones that are powered with electricity. As in not using them. That being said, I'm sure they would not approve of my very newest new prize of awesomeness.

Hot diggity dog. It's a freaking green battery powered hot glue gun. THAT ROCKS!!!! See, the last hot glue gun I had died in a blaze of glory, prompting me to get quite bitchy. The replacement wasn't good enough as it had a ton of glue strings, so I upsized it to another that didn't have a long enough cord. THE MAN noticed that Ryobi had just released this new tool and we have a bunch of batteries already so it's a match made in heaven.

One battery lasts two hours. CAN YOU IMAGINE! Hot glue heaven without a cord! And only one tiny drip in all that time! Let's give THE MAN a fist pump for taking such good care of my needs!

Tomorrow I'm back with the sixth jello mold for the Funkie Junkie Tag Challenge and then later on this week I'm giving some things away for Visions of Sugar Plums. Yes, hot glue was heavily involved!

A quick shout out to Sian who hosts us for Memorandum Monday


  1. OH! The joy of a hot glue gun with NO cord. And that lasts without being plugged in. It's the stuff of dreams. You LUCKY girl!!!! And the Amish thing is way interesting :)

  2. Way to go with the glue gun.... sure sounds like a lot of sticking down with that beast!!!

  3. That sounds lie the gold standard of glue guns. He's a keeper!

    Like every other girl who saw "Witness" as a teenager I've always been interested in hearing about the Amish way of life.


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