Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Twelve "Tags" of Christmas Mitra Style (which means not a tag)

Jeeze Louise I am one for a tradition. I do believe this is my fifth year participating in the 12 Tags of Christmas over at the Funkie Junkie. Oh goodness. Never once though have I made tags! (I've also never won the prize drawing at the end, so maybe this year it will be me!)

Let's see....back in 2012 I decorated the top of Herb Ox containers. 

Then in 2013 I altered a sample box. 

In 2014 I made icicles.

Last year I decorated punch cups. 

This year I'm working with Vintage Jello cups! Honestly, I went shopping for materials directly after Christmas because I was that pumped up over the 12 Tags....stop back tomorrow to see my first jello cup...I've got two made so far, but I've got to catch up....I believe she is already up to Week Six!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Go You!! all these look wonderful.. looking forward to seeing your next installment!!

  2. REALLY enjoyed having a re-look at your past errr....TAGS [LMAO!!!]....I'm thinking my favest are the icicles....really cuuute:):) can't wait for this year's!!

  3. Loved your different takes on Tags !

  4. Still absolutely LOVING the 2012 "tags" that became a fixture in my office. I smile every time I look in the mirror next to it. Good medicine!

  5. Oh now see... this is some awesomeness right here... Ok... so I'm going to miss out this year... but maybe I'll start planning for next year... I might just make it then..


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