Sunday, November 20, 2016

Winter Wonderland Bendi - Bendy Box for THE CUTTING CAFE

Woke up this morning to our first snow. Well, I knew it was falling last night, but I was not motivated to get up off the couch to check it out yesterday evening. We had started a fire and it was all kinds of toasty in here. The fire & snow must have inspired me to try my hand at a Winter Wonderland box. I figure this time a year you can never have too many boxes to stash gifts in! Especially one that makes the recipient want to keep the box!

I imagine this will be a good box to stash some tea in, perhaps some mulling spices for cider, and also some hot cocoa mixes. It was originally a cutting file for a bendi card sold over at THE CUTTING CAFE, but I upsized it. It's pretty easy to upsize a file, you open all of them at once and scale them together. I then place each cutting file (this box takes three to make) on it's own tab and cut each out seperately.

Gave me a good opportunity to show case the Oh Deer paper from Close to My Heart. I used a the wood pattern one for the very top so the metal leaves and snow flakes would show up. Love those baby pine cones too! I found those in the wild while camping this summer.

Washi tape works awesome for giving some contrast! And those little feet are gold ornament hangers I had in my stash! Added some glitter to make it look like snow!

Hope your Sunday is awesome! Mine involves some sanding & a wood stove and I can't wait!


  1. This looks wonderful.. I love the colors and papers and love the gold leaves too...

  2. DIVINE. Total loooooove from me - ADORE the colours and those little deer are YUM! The gold's just a beautiful box. SNOW!!! Haaalp! I think Christmas is coming....

  3. A box like that? Who needs anything inside it. It's a gift all by itself.

  4. BENDI to BEAUTIFUL BOX...i love this and all of your embellishments...

  5. Ahhh...this turned out soooooo pretty! LOVE!:)

  6. OMG again!! Amazing! I do love that paper too....HEY! We both used it for this weeks project! Anywho....gorgeous!


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