Wednesday, February 15, 2017

At the Rink Layout from Sister Cities & Martina's Visit

A nice wet weekend must have inspired this page with its ink drips and splotches. I am actually making headway on the backlog of pages I want to do from the last six months of activities. I'll be done just in time to get a whole new set of photos from Italy! It was really hard even to get a photo this weekend dodging the raindrops.

Look at this bunch! That is King Brad there in the middle (see the crown?). He had a bunch of activities at his house and was quite popular with the Italian girls who cried when they left him. Loved this photo of them all on skates...

Check out the snowflakes and blue flowers. Thought they worked well to make this page pretty. As does the stenciled x's and o's which look pretty blue. The red splashes work well too! Really digging this color scheme!

Well, onward and upward! Only a couple of more pages to get done!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. What youthful beauty! Has the Corning contingent gone to Italy yet? Is Brad one of them?

  2. It's a perfect colour scheme for a cold activity! Love that photo...I'd be happy to be a boy in the middle of all dem good looking sheilas.... I mean GIRLS!!! And is it only your girl going to Italy? How exciting!!!

  3. Nicely done! Love the photo and how you've scrapped it! ;)

  4. What a gorgeous Ice Queen kind of background.

  5. The red is a perfect accent color! Gorgeous page!


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