Thursday, February 2, 2017

Wrenching & Waxing Up on the Hill Layout

Goodness, it's like Luke's week for layouts and cards and whatnot....To be honest, I'm getting caught up finally! WOW, the last couple of months a year are so busy! This is a recent photo I snapped though and I wanted to scrap it because it's so fresh!

Had the best time a couple of weekends ago when I went to pick Luke up from Harris Hill where he's part of the Junior Glider's Program. He really does want to fly, even if it's sans engine! He was up helping wax the gliders and prep them for spring. Thankfully he lets me snap a photo now and again.

I used a little decal Luke was sent on this page from the Soaring Society of America. I thought it was cool with the little gliders. Put some copper gears and peachy colored flowers too, because they made me happy.

Hope you're happy on this fabulous Thursday!


  1. Your boy is going to fly one way or another. So glad he's found his passion! I really love how you pop flowers on just cos..... I wish I could be like that!! Looks brill :):)

  2. What a cool subject for a layout. I'm another fan of the flowers and also of the place that title has landed.

  3. Beautiful and handsome layout! Love how you mixed the gears and the flowers... very cool!


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