Monday, February 20, 2017

Tissues & Valentines for Memorandum Monday

I am the biggest baby when I am sick. How anyone puts up with me, especially THE MAN who shouldered the work this weekend with the shuttling of the kid who hadn't left us for Italy to the phone support for the one who had & was worried she would get in trouble for going to the Disco. He even went to the store and grabbed more tissues and some meds. We have been living on take out, which would make the oldest mad to know.

I think I'd be better at a cold if I could only take cold medicine without getting loopy. In fact, I recall an entire conversation where I was telling THE MAN that the dog hadn't filled out his paperwork to work in the basement. Since the dog usually eats paper work and we don't have a basement, I am not sure exactly where I was coming from.

So in the midst of all the sneezing, it was nice to get some hand made Valentines from an Aunt Peaches Swap. Still waiting for the third to emerge from the post, so it was super cool that I also got a lovely card from Sian who hosts us here at Memorandum Monday from her blog at From High in the Sky. I can also assure you that the dog will play no part in eating these pretties! I have big plans for enjoying them for a bit and then possibly adding them to a page!

Happy Monday!


  1. Oh dear poor you Mitra. Sending big hugs across the water. Love the mail. xxx

  2. It sounds like you had a really high temperature! Like the time my husband hallucinated a basketful of monkeys at the end of the bed. Hope you feel a lot better soon!

  3. Ooopsies! Do hope you're well on the mend now....what a lovely card to get! And it's sooo exciting seeing Lexie enjoying her trip & your boy flying high!!! Take care now. And maybe start digging a cellar???!!!!!!!!

  4. OH boy those would make an awesome page or multiple page glad you are feeling better! And hopefully the proper paperwork has now been filed and basement living is all set.


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