Thursday, February 9, 2017

Throw Back Thursday Kingsbury Cemetery Layout with Martina and Lexi

A couple of weeks before our Italian student Martina was due to arrive, we went to a meeting where they offered helpful suggestions as to things to do with our kids. One was take them to a pumpkin patch or do something Halloweenie with them because they don't have that sort of thing in Italy. Fast forward to weekends full of things were limited to indoor activities. They did manage to sneak in a trip to Kingsbury Cemetery, which is in an old shopping center. Later when asking Martina if she had liked the haunted house, the answer was NO! So, had to scrap the event!

I had a few little tid bits sent my way from Australia & Lizzy who thought I might find them useful. Of course, adding the actual ticket was key! I am so lucky I have a kid who indulges me with those things. The little black tag my sister in law sent me so it's a page of bits and bobs from various peeps.

After the Haunted House, I picked the girls up. Others went to Brad's house and hung out. So, I used both photos. I am pretty sure it was during a school night so I brought them both home.

Anyhow, here you have it! Just a simple page and I got to bring out the Halloween papers out in February!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Glad they were used! And I don't blame her one bit not liking it!!!! Good memory to scrap though ;)!!!! Bet she never forgets it!!!!!

  2. LOVE Halloween pages and cards... what fun, but yes, I have to agree... I'm not a fan of the haunted house... but funny about your kids saving you stuff... when the boys came to visit, Ryan brought me a bunch of memorabilia ... pretty cool that he saved it even long enough to get it to! Love this page!

  3. What a perfect antidote to all the Valentines flying around!


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