Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy 19th Anniversary and a BINGO Love Wall Hanging

Well, today is my 19th Anniversary. Go us! Insert happy dance here. Well seriously we all know what happens when you are this far along in marriage and have teenagers. We spent the weekend running them. When we weren't running, we were grocherying and laundrying. Then we had a bunch of kids over. Don't want it any other way, although I expect at some point THE MAN and I will sneak in something fun with just us. Maybe it will involve a cocktail! (hint hint)

In celebration, I fancied up this BINGO card with a bunch of yummy stuff. Used a pretty little doily as a base and some gold paint. Added gold thread, some fancy trim, and then a bunch of flowers!

The star of this piece are some little letters I had hanging out from a previous project that are sold over at THE CUTTING CAFE and are from th Everyday Words Cards & Shakers set. I laminated three of them together to make a nice thick "LOVE" that I then embossed. So pretty with a little glitter along the edge!

Happy Valentine's Day to you! Hope you have something fun planned, even if it's a hot cup of tea and jammies after a long day! Hugs!


  1. Wishing you a very Happy Anniversary ! Loved the Bingo card, has beautiful mix of elements on it !

  2. Love the bingo card. I've never sen one like this. Awesome job!!!

  3. I love how you've upcycled here .... totally brill! We don't 'do' the V day.... never have! Was unheard of in Oz when growing up ... seems to be bigger these days..... but I had an awesome day in my scrap room ufcthat counts, LOL!!!!! Hope you got some down time in there somewhere:):)!!!

  4. This bingo card looks amazing, love the flower cluster.. and happy anniversary... enjoy the teenagers because it doesn't seem to take long and they are in their twenties.. and then their thirties... oh and i am coming up to 35 years this year... man... that is a long time...!!!

  5. Happy Anniversary! We had our first Valentine's Day just the two of us since the year the hospital threatened to bring me in and induce my baby that very day..

  6. Wowzer! I am in love with this piece! Will you make me one after we've known each other for 19 years? Be careful. I will remember and hold you to it....


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